Cam Thanh Coconut Village - The Ecotourism Village

Published: 16/01/2020

Come to Hoi An, you not only have chance to discover the world cultural heritage site with the charming and peaceful ancient town but also experience the extremely interesting things as local fishermen in Cam Thanh Coconut Village (or called with name “Bay Mau Coconut Village”) known as “Southern Vietnam in the heart of Ancient Town”.

One Overview

Located about 5km east of Hoi An Ancient Town, Vietnam, you can reach to Cam Thanh village by both road and waterway. Here, you will be overwhelming with the immense coconut forest expanding hundreds of hectares. In the past, Bay Mau coconut village was a shelter, protecting area for soldiers, locals and also the area triggers attack the enemies in the inner city of Hoi An, making illustrious victories. Nowadays, the coconut village is not only a special historical site but also the unique ecological area with mangrove ecosystems. It also a residence of a wide range of marine animals such as crab, shrimp and molluscs.  In 2009, UNESCO recognized Hoi An – Cu Lao Cham as the world biosphere reserve encompassing the mangrove ecosystem in Thu Bon River downstream.

The special things to do in Cam Thanh Coconut Village

One of the most outstanding features is that you will have a chance to experience in gorgeous basket boat meandering the creeks, immerse yourself in the lush natural scenery through the green coconut palms help you release the stressful and nervous of the busy life and charge the battery for new working days. You will experience learning traditional fishing techniques and how to row unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat, fishing and catch crabs with the support of experts while admiring the skilful performances of rowing basket boats by the local rower.

Enjoying seafood meals, wandering the tranquil village, admiring the gorgeous sunset is also an unforgettable memory for you. Furthermore, in Cam Thanh Coconut Village, numerous restaurants are offering a cooking class. You have chance to hand-on and sample the Vietnamese food mixing a wide range of ingredients.

If you are travelling to Hoi An without visiting Cam Thanh Coconut village is such a pity. Visiting Cam Thanh Coconut Village deserves to be one of the best things to do in Hoi An for its uniqueness and tranquil village. Let’s come to Hoi An to immerse yourself in the breath of Ancient town with lanterns and the captivated “Southern Vietnam in Hoi An”.