Ba Na Hills

Published: 23/10/2019

This place was known as a "miniature Europe in the heart of the city" with a replica classical and romantic architecture in France for visitors to take pictures.

Ba Na Hills is a tourist resort located at the top of Nui Chua, at an altitude of 1500m, belonging to Truong Son mountain range, in the area of Hoa Ninh commune - Hoa Vang district, about 25km from the centre of Danang to the west. The French chose Ba Na to build into a resort because the climate is seen as the spring of France. There are four seasons in Ba Na on a day, the morning is a pleasant spring, the lunch is a dazzling summer, the afternoon is autumn and winter is cold at night. Thanks to the cool climate all the year in Ba Na, this place has become a magical attraction to visitors. 

Tourist attractions in Ba Na Hills: 

The Golden Bridge 

The Golden Bridge launched on June 2018 in Ba Na, was honoured in the 'Top 10 most wonderful destinations in the world in 2018' by TIME magazine and the Guardian page recognized as the "the most impressive pedestrian bridge in the world”. One of the most outstanding features of the Golden Bridge is that it is supported by two giant hands. Come to here you will have a great opportunity to see the majestic natural landscape with white clouds and mountains.

 Fantasy Park 

The largest indoor games area in Asia will bring a lot of fun, interesting moments, with thousands of exciting adventure games and more than 90 free games. Furthermore, after hours of exciting entertainment, you can be able to find the three main dining areas including European and Asian cuisine. And people can buy the souvenir in the shop next to the playground.  

Linh Ung Pagoda 

 It is a famous spiritual tourist destination that visitors cannot miss when coming to Ba Na. You can take the opportunity to admire the 27-meter-high white Shakyamuni Buddha Statue with the octagonal base having a story about the eight stages of the Buddha’s life. 

French Village  

The architecture of the building was highly inspired by the European building and its consist of peculiar architectural clusters: squares, churches, towns, villages, and hotels. Coming to the French Village, tourists can feel like they are travelling back in time, experiencing the delicate and poetic living space of one of the oldest countries in the world. 

Debay Wine Cellar 

It is a unique structure of more than 100 years old where many ancient French wines are stored. Inside the cellar, there is a storage cellar, fireplaces, bar areas and a lounge. Here, guests will enjoy a barbecue and sipping a glass of fine wine.