Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Published: 05/12/2019

Coming to Phu Quoc without visiting Vinpearl Safari is such a pity. Vinpearl Safari Park is the first and largest conservation park in Vietnam designed following a Safari scale-a well-known wildlife zoo model around the world.

With the scale of 500 hectares and more than 350 staffs, Safari Phu Quoc located at the favourable geological position in the national park and Suoi Cai – Ganh Dau road.

Stretching across large areas with abundant flora and fauna, each subdivision in Safari is a different ecosystem, ensuring consistency with the biological behaviour of each species. The most appealing way to experience the wildlife park – Safari Park is using the exciting method of "confining people, dropping animals".

Visitors will be seated on a dedicated bus, watching the Lions, rhinos, zebras just a glass away. An eye-catching feeling of observing the lion plays together on the dry grass, the flock of giraffes wandering across the street, the rhinos are naked in the muddy basin or images of the antelope suddenly perplexed ears when hearing the “Lord of the forest” in a corner of the forest.

Excited with the vibrant African dances

Coming here you have the chance to take part in the interesting adventures to discover the life of all species and immersed yourself with daily animal performances, the Zulu dance of the Zulu tribe- the largest tribe in South Africa, take photos with friendly animals.

It is not only an open space for tourism and sightseeing but also a place for scientific research, picnicking, resting and relaxing in a mountainous area.